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data security 
  • Off-site Back-up
  • Locked-Down File Storage
  • Fire-Resistant Claim Facility
  • Disaster Recovery

    Logan & Company offers cutting edge technology to support all of your administrative needs. Our proprietary Chapter 11 software, Chapter and Verse®, was developed from years of hands-on experience in all phases of the bankruptcy process. Schedules and Statements preparation, claims docketing, claims scanning, claims reconciliation, noticing and ballot tabulation can be handled automatically. Our flexible report-writing capabilities ensure that the intricacies of any case requirements can be met, even under the most restrictive time frames. From the initial filing to the final distribution under a plan of reorganization, we provide seamless solutions for a smooth bankruptcy proceeding.

    Virtual Data Room
    Our password protected Virtual Data Room allows you to upload, access and share confidential and proprietary documents from wherever you have internet access. We can create multi-level security access for sensitive legal, medical, contractual and internal documents by housing them on our secure servers. In addition to easing the burden on your own storage capabilities, the VDR allows you to share information with selected parties across geographical distances, while supporting a paperless business model. 

    Private Login Areas
    Similar to the VDR we can add features and tabs to your case information that only you, your counsel and selected employees can see. Whether its unredacted proof of claims, reclamation demands or internal accounts information, we can issue you any number of user id’s and passwords to make the process a simpler one. Using this feature makes sharing proprietary information safe and easy.

    Online Claim Reconciliation System
    Our claims reconciliation system allows you to collaborate online between Logan’s claims experts and your own internal accounts payable staff. By leaving notes, recommending courses of action, recording the step-by-step process of reconciling the claims to your books and records, the process has been honed to a remarkable efficiency. As claims are reviewed and prepared for omnibus objections, you are able to follow the entire process online every step of the way. Our online report creation system then allows you to sort and download information including whatever criteria you need for analyzing and processing claims.

    Additional Technical Capabilities

    • Extensive High speed laser printing, duplication and mailroom facilities
    • Complete Proof of Claim Imaging Service
    • 24/7 access to Proofs of Claim information
    • Specialized bar coding of all notices, claims and ballots for expedited processing
    • Website utilities for easy information access and distribution, including blast fax and blast email noticing

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