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bankruptcy administrative process chart
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Database Creation/Initial Filings
  • Initial Consultation
  • Analyzing Needs
  • Input and Organization of Creditor Data
  • Creditor Matrix
  • Consolidation of Multiple Name and Addresses
  • Identification of Vendors with Incomplete Addresses
  • Identifying and Inputting Liabilities
  • Idenitifying Disputed Contingent and/or Unliquidated Liabilities
  • Schedule of Assets and Liabilities
  • Statement of Financial Affairs
    Giving Notice to Creditors
  • Produce and Mail 341 Notices
  • Produce and Mail Notice of Bar Date
  • Produce and Mail Personalized Proof of Claim Form
  • File Affidavits of Service with the Court
  • Produce and Mail Additional Notices as Required
    Claims Docketing and Management
  • Docket Proofs of Claim
  • Image Proofs of Claim
  • Maintain Official Claims Docket. File Claims Register According to Local Rules.
  • Maintain Claims in Claim Number Order
  • Update Mailing Addresses
  • Maintain Current List of Parties Filing Notices of Appearance
  • Provide Access to the Public for Claims Examination
  • Record All Transfer of Claims
  • Generate Custom Reports for Client/Counsel
  • Web-Based Information and Reporting
    Claims Reconciliation
  • Link Filed Claims to Schedules
  • Create Scheduled Claims
  • Produce Variance Reports
  • Identify Duplicate and Amended Claims
  • Advise Debtors of Claims Reconciliation Strategy
  • Provide On-Site Assistance for Reconciliation
  • Produce Reconciliation Reports
  • Provide As-Needed Programming Support
  • Input Resolution of Claims
  • Produce and Mail Court-Approved Objection Exhibits
  • Update Claims Database of Court-Ordered Stipulations and Settlement
  • Prepare Analysis Reports by Class for Plan of Reorganization
  • Create and Mail Ballots to Parties Entitled to Vote
  • Tabulate Ballots and Produce Daily Tabulation Reports
  • Create and File Certification of Votes Cast
  • Complete Claims Objections and Classifications
  • Create Claims Database by Plan Class
  • Compute Distribution Reserves by Class
  • Calculate Distribution by Class
  • Issue Distribution Checks to Allowed Claimants

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    710 Long Ridge Road Operating Company II, LLC
    A123 Systems, Inc. (n/k/a B456 Systems, Inc., et al.)
    AcoustiSeal, Inc.
    Amelia Island Company
    American Classic Voyages, Co.
    American MetroComm Corporation
    Amfac Hawaii, LLC
    Atchison Casting Corporation
    AxisTel Communications, Inc.
    Ballantrae Healthcare, LLC
    Barzel Industries Inc.
    BCP and BCP Finance
    BCP Management, Inc.
    Best Manufacturing Group LLC
    BNA Subsidiaries, LLC
    Breed Technologies, Inc.
    Brothers Gourmet Coffees, Inc.
    Burke Industries, Inc.
    Burlington Industries, Inc.
    CareMatrix Corporation
    Centennial Healthcare Corporation
    Christ Hospital, a New Jersey not-for-profit Corporation
    Clark Material Handling Company
    Clark Retail Enterprises, Inc.
    Comdisco, Inc.
    Commerce Bancorp, Inc.
    Condustrial, Inc.
    Congoleum Corporation
    Copperweld Corporation
    Crown Vantage Inc.
    Darwin Networks, Inc.
    Diamond Brands Operating Corp.
    Dick Simon Trucking, Inc.
    Digital Broadband Communications, Inc.
    e.Spire Communications, Inc.
    Eagle Food Centers, Inc.
    Easy Gardener Products, Ltd.
    Einstein/Noah Bagel Corp.
    EOTT Energy Partners, L.P.
    Exodus Communications, Inc.
    Fedders North America, Inc.
    FiberMark, Inc.
    Florsheim Group Inc.
    Fortunoff Fine Jewelry and Silverware, LLC
    Freedom Communications Holdings, Inc.
    General Chemical Industrial Products Inc.
    GenTek Inc.
    Geo. V. Hamilton, Inc.
    Global Industrial Technologies, Inc.
    Goody's Family Clothing, Inc. (Filed 6/9/08)
    Goody's, LLC (Filed 1/13/09)
    HA-LO Industries, Inc.
    Houlihan's Restaurants, Inc.
    Integral Nuclear Associates, LLC
    International Foreign Exchange Concepts Holdings, Inc.
    James F. Humphreys & Associates, L.C.
    JGW Holdco, LLC
    Kaiser Aluminum Corporation
    Marcal Paper Mills, Inc.
    McLeodUSA Incorporated
    Metal Management, Inc.
    Metex Mfg. Corporation
    Miller Auto Parts & Supply Company, Inc.
    MPC Computers, LLC
    MSD Performance, Inc.
    Napster, Inc. (N/K/A Enco Recovery Corp.)
    National Century Financial Enterprises, Inc.
    National Steel Corporation
    NationsRent, Inc.
    NCP Litigation Trust
    NetVersant Solutions, Inc (a/k/a NVS Liquidating Company, Inc.)
    New World Pasta Company
    NewComm Wireless Services, Inc.
    NexPak Corporation
    North American Refractories Company
    NSA (USA) Liquidating Corp.
    Oakfabco, Inc.
    Olympus Healthcare Group, Inc.
    Open Range Communications Inc.
    Oxford Building Services, Inc.
    PAC Holding Company
    Pennsylvania Fashions, Inc. (Rue 21)
    Philip Services Corporation
    Pillowtex Corporation
    Pittsburgh Corning Corporation
    PNG Ventures, Inc.
    PPM Technologies Holdings, Inc.
    PTC Seamless Tube Corp.
    Rapid-American Corporation
    Reichhold Holdings US, Inc.
    RHI Entertainment, Inc.
    Rufus, Inc.
    Scotia Development, LLC
    Seegrid Corporation
    Senior Living Properties, LLC
    SLI, Inc.
    Specialty Products Holding Corp.
    Spectrum Jungle Labs Corporation (Spectrum Brands, Inc.)
    SSI Liquidating, Inc. (f/k/a Schutt Sports, Inc.)
    Taylor-Wharton International LLC
    Teleglobe Communications Corporation
    Thaxton Life Partners Inc.
    The Fairbanks Company
    The Great Commission Care Communities, Inc.
    (dba) The Woods at Cedar Run
    The IT Group, Inc.
    The LTV Steel Co., Inc.
    Tokheim Corporation
    True Temper Sports, Inc.
    US Airways Group, Inc.
    USEC INC. (now known as Centrus Energy Corp.)
    USG Corporation
    Verso Technologies, Inc., et al.
    Viatel, Inc.
    VP Buildings, Inc.
    Williams Communication Group, Inc.
    Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.
    World Kitchen, Inc.
    Yarway Corporation